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An art studio rises like crystal formations in a private garden

Butterfly Studio was also inspired by, you guessed it, butterfly wings

Multi-faceted standalone studio with asymmetrical panels surrounded by trees.
Butterfly Studio was designed by New York City-based firm Valerie Schweitzer Architects.
Photos via Designboom

This multi-faceted art studio in Westport, Connecticut, appears to emerge from the ground like crystal formations. Designed by New York City-based firm Valerie Schweitzer Architects, the structure was actually inspired, in part, by the closing of a butterfly’s wings—hence its moniker Butterfly Studio—and other organic forms.

Measuring just 300 square feet, the art studio and private office located on the grounds of a family home features asymmetrical vertical panels clad in stucco and recycled teak, while some are also glazed. The offset roof is actually a large skylight, which, in addition to strategically placed windows, provides ample natural light during the day.

Poured concrete floors anchor the bright and airy space, while the aforementioned thermally insulated windows provide cross-ventilation and privacy. A half bathroom rounds out the studio.

Butterfly Studio’s unique construction has garnered the practice an American Architecture Prize in the small architecture category last year. Have a look.

Via: Designboom