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Renovated home in Portugal combines the old and new

The best of both worlds

Streetfront house with patterned facade and garage.
The colorful facade contrasts with the minimalist interiors.
Photos by João Morgado via Designboom

Restored historic residential architecture in Portugal is emerging as an exemplar of Good Home Design. Traditional elements combine with contemporary updates to create homes that feel fresh and familiar, with a little bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure.

The latest example comes out of Ovar, a northwest coastal town, and was renovated by local architect Nelson Resende, who took a “fractured property” and enlivened it by preserving its bones and generous proportions, highlighting its decorative elements, and eliminating anything extraneous.

He also had a little fun with color and patterns. The facade features pale green tiling and blue-framed windows and front door, and green trimming, while the attached garage shows off a metal screen of overlapping circles against a blue background.

Inside, original masonry walls contrast with whitewashed areas like the minimalist kitchen and the upstairs loft space, while angular built-ins, matching the cabinetry and closets, create a geometric shelving system in the dining room. Connecting the floors is a new staircase. The clean-lined space wraps around a courtyard that offers a welcoming green space. Take a look.

Via: Designboom