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Hand-carved wooden wagon, stained glass included, asks $64K

The only camper with stained glass

The Trillium Caravan was created by famed woodworker Jim Tolpin in Washington state.
The Trillium Caravan was created by famed woodworker Jim Tolpin in Washington state.
All photos courtesy of Trillium Caravan

Campers and RVs come in all shapes and sizes, from trailers that transform into a spacious two-bedroom tiny home to burly adventure vans prepped to go off-grid. But we’ve never seen a camper quite like the Trillium Caravan, now for sale in Trumansburg, New York, for $64,900.

The artisan wagon was built in Port Townsend, Washington, in 2007 by master woodworker Jim Tolpin. The design is similar to a 19th-century vardo, a traditional wagon used by the British Romani people that was known for its intricate woodcraft and elaborate decorations. While vardos were usually pulled by horses, this caravan uses an undercarriage of custom-welded steel so it can be pulled as a camper trailer.

Using Honduras mahogany for the floor frame, Tolpin employed traditional pinned mortise and tenon joinery. The wall and roof framing is made of Sitka spruce trees, and the wagon boasts a light-filled interior thanks to a coated-marine-grade canvas roof crafted by a Washington sailmaker. The wagon’s deep green color is complemented by beautifully carved and hand-painted designs, and leaded stained glass windows and reproduction coach lights add authenticity.

Campers enter the wagon through a split Dutch door to find sleeping quarters for two adults in a queen-size bed and room for a child on the floor. High-quality bamboo flooring adds durability, and the designers chose vintage 1920s Scalamandre fabrics for the seating surfaces and pillows. The interior also includes vintage sconces, a restored wood stove for heat, and a dry sink and mirror.

Despite the antique touches and unusual design, the wagon has electric brakes and can be safely towed on highways (it does have a lot of wind resistance). The current owners are selling the wagon after ten years of travel and enjoyment. For more information, head over here.

The light-filled interior of the Trillium Caravan.
Under-the-bed cabinets add storage.
A dry sink, mirror, and cabinet serve as a mini-bathroom.
The hand-carved woodworking and paint is visible on the exterior.
The wood-burning stove provides heat.