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Brutalist wallpaper brings the concrete dream to any room

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Living room scene with modern furniture and a backdrop of the inside of a concrete cathedral.
Yes, this is wallpaper.
Photos courtesy of Murals Wallpaper

Whether you’re all-in or on the fence, there’s no denying that brutalist architecture can be quite dramatic in scope and scale. Whether hefty libraries, train stations, or apartment blocks, these concrete monoliths command the stage, wherever it may be.

If living inside a brutalist structure isn’t quite in the cards for you, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate the architectural style into your life by way of small concrete items, including a lamp, sculptural vases, a house-shaped outlet, and, inexplicably, a coffee machine.

But these goods don’t come close to imparting the sense of what it feels like to be ensconced in one of these cool, raw constructions. Thankfully, and quite unexpectedly, a new line of wallpaper, of all things, attempts to do so and more or less succeeds—at least from what we can tell by the photos.

And even though wallpaper is arguably the antithesis of concrete blocks, it somehow works. Part of Murals Wallpaper’s Concrete Effect line, the brutalist collection consists of five prints including of the Welbeck car park in London and the vault of the DC Metro. Plastering it to just one wall in a room would make a world of difference. Thoughts?