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The Arctic Hideaway is the ultimate retreat

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Get away from it all in the Arctic Circle

A cabin perched on a pillar on a rugged hillside coastal site, with a cluster of cabins below.
Fordypningsrommet is located on an isle in Northern Norway in the Arctic Circle.
Photos by Pasi Aalto via Designboom

Talk about the ultimate artist-in-residence retreat. Conceived by jazz musician and composer Håvard Lund and designed by Norwegian architect firms TYIN Tegnestue and Rintala Eggertsson, Fordypningsrommet, or the Arctic Hideaway, is a cluster of cabins on the coast of a tiny island in the Fleinvær Archipelago in the Arctic Circle of Northern Norway, near Bodø.

As extreme and rugged as its terrain is, the mono-functional constructions are elegant and playful, clad in sustainable tropical wood and perched on steel feet anchored in concrete to leave as minimal a footprint as possible.

The hillside site includes nine programs: a seaside sauna that greets guests coming off the boat, accommodations for overnight guests, four small, irregularly shaped sleeping houses, a canteen, concert room, and the so-called “Tower for Big Thoughts,” a steel-enclosed birdhouse-like structure inspired by the Sami people’s njalla storehouse.

Strategically placed across the terrain, each of the buildings affords incredible views of the ocean and nearby isles, while offering guests the opportunity to get away from it all, reveling in nature and quiet. To learn more and book your stay, head to the website.

Via: Designboom