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Modern Tahoe retreat frames stunning views

The expansive, minimalist home uses a limited palette of materials to full effect

Joe Fletcher Photography via Faulkner Architects

The latest home from Faulkner Architects—a firm known for building dramatic modern dwellings—is an artfully boxy vacation home on Lake Tahoe.

The clients, a couple with two children, wanted a space that connected with the landscape outside, enabling outdoor adventures like snowboarding and boating while also providing a retreat. Oh—and they wanted it to feel timeless.

The Northern-California based architects got to work, strategically crafting a modern, minimalist home from steel, wood, and glass. The result is Burnt Cedar, a space composed of overlapping rectangular volumes, prominently featuring windows and concrete elements meant to echo the bark of nearby trees. Deep eaves are paneled on the underside with light wood—a detail that feels both luxurious and modern.

The open living room and kitchen has double-height ceilings and a full floor-to-ceiling window framing a view of the lake and the mountains beyond.

The design also features small slit-like windows throughout, inspired by the architectural cutouts of artist Gordon Matta-Clark. The architects explained: “Providing relief from the intensity of the design are floor-to-ceiling cutouts—slits in the wall that invite beams of sunlight into the interior, dissolving the potentially stark tension between inside and outside and casting a controlled illumination onto the polished, ebonized concrete floor.”

A six-car garage concealed beneath the slope of the site accommodates the clients’ car collection, which includes a 1974 Volkswagen Thing and a 2016 Tesla X.

Via: Dezeen