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Compact apartment fits everything you need in 450 square feet

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Everything has its place

Man hanging shelves Hey! Cheese via ArchDaily

Depending on its layout, 450 square feet can feel like a sardine tin or it can feel like this home in Taipei, which makes brilliant use of its limited space.

KC Design Studio crafted this compact apartment around how its owners move through the space. The wood and concrete design is carved into staggered, platform-like areas that are divided by partitions and stairs.

Each room is focused on how it’s used—the lofted bedroom has a low ceiling since it’s mostly used for sleeping, while the office is built around sitting at a desk. The living room is more open and flows directly into the kitchen and dining area, which is separated by a movable kitchen table that also functions as a place to prepare food.

Most of the space is built to pull double duty, with a partition used as storage space and a pegged wall that creates a grid for shelving or hanging odds and ends. Take a look, below.

Apartment with loft bed and partition Hey! Cheese via ArchDaily
Office with built-in desk Hey! Cheese via ArchDaily
Man moving table Hey! Cheese via ArchDaily

Via: ArchDaily