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Buy this Wild West town for $1.5M

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All photos provided by Bennion Deville Homes

It’s not very often that a whole town goes up for sale, much less one that’s themed. But lovers of all things western will get a kick out of the Stargazing Desert Retreat, currently on the market for $1,495,000.

Located 40 minutes from Palm Springs, 20 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park, and not far from Pioneertown—a town built by Hollywood moguls as a permanent Wild West set—the property includes a main house with over 3,000 square feet, four bedrooms, and four bathrooms.

But the draw of the listing is without a doubt the movie set town, a ramshackle cluster of wooden buildings surrounded by cactus, mining carts, and rock croppings. A remodeled saloon can hold up to 80 people for an event, including a sizable outdoor seating area and a train caboose serves as a guest room or unique vacation rental.

The movie set town also includes a barbershop, hotel, church, general store, and (of course) a jail for all the bad guys you’ve been hunting down. A nearby stable can hold eight horses and boasts three riding rings, and the price tag also includes an additional 7.37 acres spread across five separate parcels, bringing the total acreage to 16.

Interested? Head over here for more and check out more photos, below.

Tom O’Neal/TGO Photo
Tom O'Neal/TGO Photo
Tom O'Neal/TGO Photo