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Headless ergonomic body pillows: comforting or totally creepy?

You decide!

Headless pillows on bench Photo via Aseptic Studio

Nothing says comfort like a headless pillow sitting on a public bench. Don’t agree? Take it up with the designers at Aseptic Studio, who created a headless torso pillow to be your favorite cuddle buddy.

The London studio designed the ergonomic pillow called The Mannequin to comfort young, lonely millennials as they wander through the mean city streets. The pillow has the general shape of a human, but with extra-long arms that can wrap around a person like a hug. The outside is swathed in cotton, while the inside is stuffed with polyester balls. Its headless neck is the perfect place to rest your weary head after a long day of work.

Two kids and an adult sitting with headless pillows Photo via Aseptic Studio

The idea came to Aseptic Studio founder Tsun Lai while studying menswear fashion during college. “I studied menswear and tailoring at London College of Fashion, and I made my own mannequin to dress my clothes, which ended up lying around my living room,” Lai told Dezeen. “I began using it to cuddle when I was by myself and lonely. The more I used it, the better I felt,” he said. “It is fascinating how being hugged can reduce stress and negative thinking.”

And indeed, he might be onto something. Last week, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University released a study that showed hugs to be an effective way to ward off stress and improve mood. Whether it comes from your friend or a headless torso pillow is entirely up to you.

Headless pillow on chair Photo via Aseptic Studio

Via: Dezeen