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This Lego-like building system is a new take on modular architecture

Plug-and-play design

Rendering of multi-colored modules Image via Nasim Sehat

There’s no shortage of housing solutions that cater to the urban creative set—from pay-as-you-go tiny homes to fully (and impeccably) furnished long-stay hotels. A new concept project called Slice, from Shanghai-based architect Nasim Sehat, is another proposal for on-demand architecture—but it’s nothing like we’ve seen before.

Multi-colored modules Image via Nasim Sehat

Sehat designed a series of colorful plastic modules that connect together to form a home. Each module has built-in components—toilet, kitchen, office, bedroom, and a “gap” module—that can be combined in whatever order to create a semi-bespoke dwelling. Sehat assigned each module a color, so when they’re side-by-side they create a striking candy-colored pattern.

Cut away of modules Image via Nasim Sehat

Sehat’s idea is just a concept, but it’s not so far off from existing modular architecture technology that combines pre-fabricated design with building systems. Yes it is colorful, and yes, the plastic looks fairly uncomfortable, but Sehat’s plug-and-play concept accomplishes what it set out to do: Provide a provocative view of what the future of on-demand lodging could look like.

Via: ArchDaily