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Burly camper trailer tackles any terrain and sleeps four

There’s even an outdoor shower

All photos courtesy of BRS via New Atlas

If you’re looking to explore the backcountry but don’t want to sleep on the ground, big RVs aren’t going to fit your needs. They might look cool, but Airstream-style trailers and even some of the longer Class B vans can’t handle the rocky dirt roads of the remote outdoors. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

For people who like overlanding—a popular style of camping that requires off-roading to get to far-off destinations—you need a bit more grit in your rig. Enter the BRS Offroad Sherpa, a tough, tiny teardrop that unfolds to provide all the basics of a rather luxurious camp. The Australia-based BRS knows how to handle four-wheel-drive situations thanks to years of trial and error in the Outback, and the Sherpa is a reasonably lightweight option that can get you wherever you’d like to be.

The Sherpa uses a marine-grade aluminum alloy exterior and a fiberglass roof in a classic teardrop shape; the sleeping quarters are inside the cabin with the kitchen accessed from the rear. It can also handle bumpy dirt roads thanks to 17-inch matte black alloy wheels, all-terrain tires, and a beefed up suspension and shock system.

Two people sleep inside the cabin while another two can sleep in the strut-assisted Alu-Cab roof-top tent. The cabin boasts a panoramic front window, a 21-inch TV, reading lights, and outlets, all charged by a 200-watt solar panel and 125-Ah lithium battery.

The kitchen features a fold-down worktop but foregoes a built-in stove for your portable camping stove. BRS does include a sink and a hot-cold tap that’s accessed by a 200-liter water bladder along with a Dometic refrigerator to keep things chilled. An impressive 270-degree awning wraps around the side and the rear kitchen to provide shade, and a side tent drops out of a storage box near the roof to provide a private shower area.

The tougher suspension and extra amenities add a bit more weight than the lightest trailers, and the Sherpa weighs about 1,985 pounds. It’s currently produced and sold in Australia for around $43,650, making this a more expensive teardrop than many of the trailers we see. But the use of a rooftop tent and privacy shower means that this off-road rig packs a lot of innovation into a small space.

Via: New Atlas