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Prefab home concept appears to float above the landscape

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Three configurations for one lightweight design

Rendering of wood prefabricated house in forest Gavin Rea via Designboom

Building on top of uneven land can be a challenge that requires some out-of-the-box thinking, but product designer Gavin Rea has come up with a simple but clever solution. Rea created a conceptual design called Tenka, a series of lightweight prefabricated homes that rest atop pillars and appear to float above the landscape.

Rea designed three configurations of the Tenka—the M1, a 480-square-foot home with a small module that sits atop a lager module, leaving room for a square deck.

Rendering of prefab home
Gavin Rea via Designboom

The M2 is a 504-square-foot-house built from two stacked modules of varying widths.

Rendering of prefab wood house with deck
Gavin Rea via Designboom

And the M3 is a 720-square-foot design with the top module cantilevering over the base, creating a covered carport.

Prefab home with cantilevered module
Gavin Rea via Designboom

All of the configurations have large square windows, a light wood facade, and some form of deck. A floating staircase leads up to the second-level outdoor space, making the Tenka feel even more like a floating treehouse.

For now the Tenka is just a concept—but that won’t stop us from adding it to our tiny home wish list.

Via: Designboom