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Luxury camper van fits all the essentials in 112 square feet

It solves the bathroom question

Montana-based Beartooth Vanworks provides custom conversion vans for vanlifers and weekenders alike.

If there’s any major difference between the RV industry of today versus 15 years ago, it’s the incredible growth in the Class B market. Adventure vans offer so many things in a compact package: stealth camping, the option of four-wheel-drive, year-round camping, and a comfy place to sleep, to name just a few of the benefits. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Each week we see a new, impressive camper van, many of them built by Class B outfitters ready to make your #VanLife dreams a reality. We’ve covered Montana-based Beartooth Vanworks in the past, and today we’re focused on their flagship model—the Beartooth. While the Bozeman company can customize any van, the Beartooth provides the most popular attributes for van living.

Each Beartooth Vanworks rig comes with upgraded sound and heat insulation, wall fabric panels, marine ply flooring, blackout curtains, and a roof fan. The builds use signature wood accents in customizable options—think maple, oak, mahogany, and cherry. The electrical system is also an important factor; the Beartooth features solar panels, a battery separator, an AGM battery, overhead lighting, and plenty of 12v, 110v, and USB outlets.

For their flagship design, the Beartooth van boasts a small galley kitchen with diesel stove top, built-in sink, refrigerator, and flip-open counter tops that provide more space for prep. A bed platforms sleeps two easily at night, then transforms into a couch area for daytime use. You’ll find abundant storage thanks to upper cabinets and a stash area underneath the bed area, and a removable dining table stows away when not in use.

The most divisive question among van owners is what to do about the bathroom. Plenty of people—including myself—opt for no toilet in the van in order to save space. But that just doesn’t work for everyone, so the Beartooth van includes a porta-potty in a custom moveable box. When not used as a toilet, the inconspicuous box can double as an extra seat or foot rest, and it fits easily underneath the counter area.

Beartooth Vanworks does all kinds of custom conversions that start around $30,000 and the Beartooth model costs $55,000 on a 144” Mercedes Sprinter—the price of the van not included. Final prices always depend on specific upgrades and choices, and you can check out the company’s other models here.