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Alejandro Aravena’s Chilean concrete beauty on the market for $1.5M

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Hope you like concrete because there’s a lot of it

concrete house for sale Courtesy of Chile Sotheby’s International Realty

A stretch of coast just north of Santiago, Chile, is home to an architecture lover’s dream. The Ochoalcubo project, a housing development funded by the entrepreneur Eduardo Godoy, boasts starchitect-designed houses from the likes of Sou Fujimoto, Toyo Ito, and Alejandro Aravena. Now Aravena’s design is on the market for $1.51 million.

At times, the Pritzker Prize winner’s design looks more sculpture than residence. It comprises three weathered concrete volumes that stack and lean against each other like building blocks. Rows of pale wooden shutters only barely break up the fortress-like facade.

Though it’s hard to tell from the outside, Aravena crafted a home that’s filled with light. Floor-to-ceiling windows on the lower level filter sunlight into the raw concrete spaces, casting a cool glow over the monochromatic interior.

Aravena wanted the home to have a “primitive” feel, but the house is subtly luxurious, with details like an asymmetrical floating wooden staircase and an interior fire pit that puts the typical fireplace to shame.

Via: The Spaces