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Zaha Hadid’s famous designs reimagined as 22 brightly colored rugs

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Can you see it?

Patterned rug in turquoise and orange
The Striation rugs mirror the fluid designs of the MAXXI: National Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome.
Zaha Hadid Design

The late architect Zaha Hadid is best known for her swooping, gravity-defying buildings, but her firm has also designed plenty of homewares including coffee tables, vases, chairs, and now rugs.

The studio recently showed off RE/Form, a line of 22 rugs designed for the carpet manufacturer Royal Thai, and they’re perfectly self-referential. Each of the colorful, hand-tufted carpets is a loose abstraction of one of Hadid’s famous designs, building or otherwise.

The designs center around the architect’s self-described recurring formal ticks—striated lines, ribbon-like projections, pixelated landscapes and organic cellular shapes. The Striation carpets, for example, vaguely mimic the layered angles of the MAXXI building in Rome.

Purple carpet with light purple loops
The Ribbon carpets.
Zaha Hadid Design

The rolling loops on the Ribbon carpets pulls from the interior of the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery. The line’s Cellular carpets are based on the lattice work found on her Skein Cuff.

Translated into carpet, Hadid’s designs turn into colorful geometries that cluster into unexpected patterns. Like the best of high-traffic carpets, Hadid’s designs look perfectly suited to hide stains and shoe scuffs—just don’t expect to see it at your local airport or casino.

Black carpet with colorful shapes
The line’s Cellular rugs.
Zaha Hadid Design
Colorful carpet Zaha Hadid Design

Via: Dezeen