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Modern apartment building twists for enviable green space

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In Mexico City, a new take on the backyard

Building with green terraces Jamie Navarro via ArchDaily

Like most densely populated cities, Mexico City is not known for its sprawling backyards. Yet a new project from local firm Sordo Madaleno Architects shows how clever design can make personal green space a reality.

The ultra-modern Alcazar de Toledo project is nestled into a hill overlooking Mexico City. Designed as luxury residences, the building has a curving driveway that leads to a covered rooftop parking lot and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Apartment building with green terraces Jamie Navarro via ArchDaily

The architects designed the glassy building with four rectangular layers that have been twisted like a Rubix Cube to create a zig-zag layout. This way, one layer stacks on top of the other like an asymmetrical wedding cake.

The resulting form creates triangular terraces that cantilever over the layer below. Each of the terraces have a concrete patio and a sizable patch of grass that homeowners can use as a personal yard.

Apartment building with cantilevered terrace Jamie Navarro via ArchDaily

It’s an efficient use of the plot’s limited real estate—not only does the layout give residents the luxury of green space, it also makes the building feel like it’s part of its natural surroundings.

Building with green terraces Jamie Navarro via ArchDaily

Via: ArchDaily