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You can now stay in a tiny house powered by coffee

A next-level Dunkin’ marketing stunt

Dunkin’ Donuts branded tiny house Element via New Atlas

Good news for people who really—and I mean really—love Dunkin’ Donuts: You can now stay in a Dunkin’-themed tiny home in Nahant, Massachusetts, available to rent for just $10 a night.

In a perfect Venn diagram of a marketing stunt, the coffee-slash-donut chain has zeroed in on the cultural zeitgeist of experiential marketing and paired it with the insatiable hunger for all things tiny homes.

Element via New Atlas

We will begrudgingly admit that the 275-square-foot build from New Frontier Tiny Homes looks pretty nice. Olivia Wilde (yes, the actress) helped design the interiors with light and airy touches. Think white subway tile, wood accents, and an appropriate amount of fluorescent pink and orange accents. Amenities include a loft bed, jacuzzi tub, cedar deck, and all the teeth-rotting coffee and donuts you can ask for.

Element via New Atlas

To really hammer the concept home, the Dunkin’ house is powered by a generator that runs on a biofuel blend of 80 percent coffee oil extracted from coffee grounds. It’s immersive marketing on a whole new level, but you know what? It works. The tiny house is already booked solid.

Via: The Spaces