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This school is a kaleidoscope of color

A Hong Kong color study

Multi-colored facade Photo by Philippe Ruault

Henning Larsen Architects is known for designing buildings that merge with their surroundings. Sometimes that means a remote town hall that serves as a bridge over a river. Other times, like in the case of the French International School in Hong Kong, it requires channeling the vibrant energy of a bustling city.

Kids playing in outdoor area with patterned floor Photo by Philippe Ruault

The Danish architecture firm recently completed a 211,000 square foot campus for the international school of 1,100 students. The angular white building is peppered with bursts of colors, including a facade built from 627 multi-hued tiles, bright accent walls, and a striking gym with a seriously enviable color scheme.

Gym with blue floor Photo by Philippe Ruault

Inside, the space forgoes traditional classrooms for “villas,” big open-plan spaces where up to 125 students of similar ages gather. The goal, the architects explain, is to encourage interaction between students, in effect preparing them for the collaborative nature of their future workplaces. Or at the very least, preparing them for a future where personal offices and cubicles are nowhere to be found.

Kids in colorful classroom Photo by Philippe Ruault