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Tiny cabin offers glamping retreat for two

A cozy, geometric structure in Slovenia

Woman in hammock on terrace Photo via Glamping Hub

What this wooden cabin lacks in size, it makes up for in shape. Perched atop a hill in Slovenia’s Maribor region, the compact rental cuts an unusual asymmetrical silhouette against the landscape.

Living room with big windows Photo via Glamping Hub

The tiny cabin really is tiny—just one room. But its trapezoidal construction makes the space feel more expansive than it otherwise might. Built entirely from timber, the cabin looks like a sauna, if a sauna had floor-to-ceiling windows and a lovely little terrace that overlooks the green hills.

The space is designed to feel cozy and relaxing, like a hygge cubby hole for two. But high-maintenance travelers need not apply for the cabin, which can be rented for $192 a night. While there’s a jacuzzi, hammock, and fire pit on the property, travelers must access the bathroom from outside. The good news: Slippers are included.

Angular wooden cabin on hill Photo via Glamping Hub

Via: Inhabitat