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Sporty pop-top camper van raises the roof on adventure

Bonus: The van fits in a standard-size parking spot

The new Tofino from Canada-based Pleasure-Way is an affordable Class B option priced at $69,550.
All photos courtesy of Pleasure-Way

The RV industry is booming at record levels, and one sector seeing explosive growth is the Class B market. Blame Instagram or crazed #VanLife wannabes, but you can’t go to a campsite anymore without seeing everything from DIY rigs to fancy, custom conversion builds. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Compared to Europe, however, the United States doesn’t have the same number of modular, affordable Class B options. That’s changing—just check out some of these new options—and the latest camper to catch our eye is the Tofino from Canada-based Pleasure-Way.

A nod to Pleasure-Way’s iconic Ford-based Traverse, the new Tofino uses a Ram Promaster 1500 as its base. The pop-top is also reminiscent of the classic Volkswagen California van—ironically not available in the U.S.—although the larger Promaster allows for more interior space.

Pleasure-Way uses that space to maximum effect, incorporating a small kitchen area with induction cooktop, refrigerator, and stainless-steel sink. Swivel driver cab seats allow for convenient seating, while a two-seat bench folds into a 137-inch by 183-inch bed. That’s a fairly large sleeping area for two adults, and the Tofino adds even more sleeping space thanks to the pop-up roof bed (124 inches by 183 inches).

Two captain’s swivel chairs and a bench seat make up the cabin seating options, and a small kitchen hosts all of the essentials.
Courtesy of Pleasure-Way

The cabin is powered by an impressive electrical package, including dual 100-Ah lithium coach batteries, a 2,000-watt inverter, and a solar system that keeps you going when off-the-grid. If there’s any drawback in the Tofino, it’s likely the lack of a true gear garage. The rear cargo area does look larger than the Winnebago Revel, for example, but it can’t handle a full set up of bikes or ski equipment like many custom adventure vans.

The Tofino is also relatively affordable at a starting price of $69,550—it’s much more competitively priced than the Winnebago Revel ($134,000) and the luxury-oriented Airstream Interstate Nineteen ($149,240), for example. That price also comes with a few extras like a rear-view camera, and you can add roll-up door screens and a roof rack at an additional cost. Head over here for additional info on the Tofino.

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Looking towards the driver’s cabin, the Tofino has an airy feel thanks to plenty of windows.
Courtesy of Pleasure-Way
The camper van set up for sleeping.
Courtesy of Pleasure-Way
The rear cargo area would be a tight fit for bikes, but could haul luggage and other gear.
Courtesy of Pleasure-Way
The sleeping area in the rooftop pop-up.
Courtesy of Pleasure-Way
Solar keeps you powered off-the-grid.
Courtesy of Pleasure-Way

Via: New Atlas