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Bright red house is a visual landmark among endless trees

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Just look for the red house...

Red house and trees Photo by JG Photography via Dwell

House 3000 isn’t meant to blend in. Fire engine red with sharp angles, the Rebelo de Andrade-designed house is an unmistakable visual marker amid a verdant 1,000-acre plot in Portugal. The land is home to hundreds of oak and pine trees that turn the landscape into a dizzying labyrinth.

Red house surrounded by trees Photo by JG Photography via Dwell

“In the absence of geodesic is architecture that takes the place of the reference points that from time immemorial has guided man, complementing the landscape with a building that is overwhelmingly visible,” the architects explain on their website.

The red facade is meant to act as a bold landmark—and boy, does it work. The architects kept the outline of the 4,356-square-foot residence deliberately simple, with a gabled roof and rectangular windows. “The exterior design of the house seems as childlike as the drawings children produce even before primary school,” they say.

Living room with pale wood floors and white walls Photo by JG Photography via Dwell

Inside, the house is an understated series of rooms. Pale wood floors and white walls provide a clean backdrop. The furniture is light and unassuming. It’s an intentional choice that’s meant to contrast with boldness of the facade. The good news is, if you crave a little more color, all you have to do is walk outside.

bedroom Photo by Carlos Cezanne via Dwell

Via: Dwell