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Custom teardrop trailer uses a rooftop tent to camp a family

The blue and black vinyl wrap looks cool, too

With all of the extras (including the rooftop tent and the Road Shower), the Gunnar trailer by Aero Teardrops costs $21,273.
All photos courtesy of Aero Teardrops

Teardrop trailers are making a comeback in the camper industry, praised for their compact size, easy towing capabilities, and small luxuries. And although a teardrop won’t provide the large-scale comfort of camper vans or even Class A RVs, they are a perfect option for couples looking to get outdoors on a budget. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

We’ve reported on some of our favorite teardrop trailers in the past, but the latest to catch our eye comes from the team at Aero Teardrops. Located in Portland, Oregon, Aero Teardrops makes custom-designed teardrops that maximize space and emphasize quality craftsmanship. No two teardrops will be exactly the same, but a good example of Aero’s work is their “Gunnar” off-road trailer.

Featuring a 5-foot by 10-foot body, the Gunnar is designed to go wherever your camping dreams take you thanks to oversized tires, a heavy duty axle, and Jeep-style fenders. Like most teardrops, the kitchen is accessed from the rear of the trailer, and an Aero Teardrop standard galley includes LED lights, one 120v GFCI protected outlet, and one 12v combination USB/power port. Upper and lower galley cabinets are also standard, and the Gunnar throws in a slide-out plug-in cooler.

The galley kitchen features a slide-out plug-in cooler.
Courtesy of Aero Teardrops

Inside, spacious cabinets—available in knotty hickory wood as an upgrade—hold clothes or gear, and the bed area sleeps two comfortably. An interior table offers a place to work or play when the weather turns bad, and LED lighting throughout the cabin keeps the ambiance on point. Bluetooth speakers also come standard, and the upper cabinet of the cabin can also be converted into a bunk for a small child.

Other perks on the Gunnar include an exterior side table, custom vinyl wrapped sides, a road shower for keeping clean, and a 19-inch flat screen. And one of our favorite elements is the Freespirit High Country rooftop tent. With the tent in use, it makes it easy to sleep four people—or a family—in the teardrop instead of just two.

The Gunnar’s dry weight is a reasonable 1,500 pounds, and an Aero Teardrop trailer starts at about $14,499. With all of the extras (including the rooftop tent and the Road Shower), the Gunnar’s total price is $21,273. If you’re interested in designing your own custom teardrop, Aero Teardrop has a helpful trailer builder feature on their website.

Cabinets provide room for gear and storage.
Courtesy of Aero Teardrops
Helpful plugs and a water-bottle shelf are small conveniences inside the trailer.
Courtesy of Aero Teardrops
A rooftop tent makes fitting a family in a teardrop a possibility.
Courtesy of Aero Teardrops
A custom vinyl wrap ups the style factor.
Courtesy of Aero Teardrops