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Tiny trailer unfolds into a 100-square-foot cabin

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Bonus: It can be towed by most vehicles

We love adventure vans and vintage trailers, but there’s something extra cool about campers that transform. A boxy trailer that spins into a two-bedroom tiny house, a $17,000 camper that turns into a mini boat, a self-inflating trailer that can sleep a family; all of these campers do something, and that’s pretty great. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

The Camp365 trailer is the latest to catch our eye. On the road, the compact trailer looks a bit like a futuristic sleeping pod and weighs only 1480 pounds. Built to be aerodynamic, in its folded down position the camper stands just 6 feet 7 inches tall and only 4 feet wide. It also boasts an adjustable wheel base, meaning that the shorter width works for storage and narrow trails, or you can crank out the wheelbase to 6 feet for increased stability on the highway.

Arrive at camp, engage the mechanical lift assist, and voila, in about 10 minutes the tiny camper transforms into a larger 100-square-foot cabin with a 7-foot 6-inch ceiling. Thanks to a weather-proof aluminum shell, extra insulation, air conditioning, and heating, the Camp365 can be used no matter the season.

Inside, the camper can sleep up to six people with a customizable bed system that includes a full folding raised bed and fold-out beds for four. Marine-grade carpet keeps your feet warm, and a two-burner, portable pull-out stove lets you cook indoors or out. A DC-powered refrigerator is mounted on an industrial strength drawer that can be accessed from outside of the camper, and floor compartments and optional portable shelving and hanging bars offer plenty of storage.

If you can’t imagine a camper without a shower and toilet, Camp365 has you covered with an industrial-strength, standard-height toilet that pulls out in seconds and is concealed by a privacy curtain that doubles as a changing area. An optional outdoor shower room is available as an add-on, and Camp365 hints that it’s also engineering a modular indoor shower for the future. Other extras include a seven-point leveling system, tinted windows with screens, and optional side racks for kayaks, bikes, and paddle boards.

At $17,995, the Camp365 is an innovative camper trailer that boasts a lot of perks. Although not as large or luxurious as some of the RVs we cover, it’s also much more affordable than most and fits in a standard garage. Head over here for more.