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A former California farmhouse redesigned to host the whole family

Can we get an invite to the family reunion?

Interior of home with wood floors and white walls Photo by Bruce Damonte

Is it just us, or do retirees have impeccable taste? Design studio Dash Marshall created the House for Grandparents for—yep, you guessed it—a pair of grandparents, and it’s truly something to aspire to no matter your age.

The sprawling home is near two 19th-century Spanish missions in California’s San Luis Obispo County, and the influence is evident. The architects gut renovated the 4,000-square-foot former farmhouse house with slanted timber ceilings and white stucco walls, creating a warm and immaculate space that’s evocative of a place of worship.

Front door opening to entryway Photo by Bruce Damonte

Many of the design decisions stemmed from the owners’ desire to comfortably host their children and grandchildren. The house has a spacious kitchen that flows into the dining room and main living room, where there’s a cozy fireplace. There are three bedrooms and an upstairs room that serves as a dedicated play space for the grandchildren.

Living room with fireplace Photo by Bruce Damonte

The house rightly makes the most of its California surroundings with big, geometric windows that look out onto the ranch property. But the best details are less noticeable. Our favorite? The perforated sliding metal screen that’s meant to hide the pantry but is an architectural detail in its own right.

Man opening pantry door Photo by Bruce Damonte
Photo by Bruce Damonte
Photo by Bruce Damonte
Photo by Bruce Damonte
House at dusk Photo by Bruce Damonte

Via: Dezeen