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Midcentury modern wallpaper lets you live out your 1950s dreams

Dozens of options to choose from

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Kaleidoscopic wallpaper
Mid Century Droplets {Kaleidoscope} by ceciliamok

Good news for people who want more midcentury modern in their life than furniture can provide: Now you can plaster MCM style all over your walls.

Over at Spoonflower, there’s an entire series of retro-looking wallpaper that’s just waiting to be the backdrop for your vintage Eames lounge. The design-your-own-fabric service features a handful of designs that feel prototypically midcentury modern, from bold-hued kaleidoscopic patterns to paper designed around bathroom tile teal.

The wallpapers, which are created and uploaded by independent designers, look like they could’ve been ripped from the set of Bewitched or The Jetsons. Vector lines intersect with ovals and triangles; glinting 1950s nostalgia starbursts are everywhere.

Each of the designs comes in adhesive sheets that are peeled and placed like a giant sticker or a traditional, water-activated wallpaper. And in case that’s not enough—you can order the pattern in fabric and wrapping paper, too. Head over here to see more patterns.

Wallpaper with geometric shapes
Oslo Pods by joheadington
Teal wallpaper
Mid-century Radio Antenna Teal by marketa_stengl
Starburst wallpaper
Slamet by theov
JIVE-Blocks Yellow-Red by elizabeth_hale_design
Starburst - Midcentury Modern Geometric Gold by heatherdutton

Via: Wowhaus