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Nendo designs an attractive hand-crank phone charger

No electricity needed

White tube with hand crank arm Nendo

The power goes out and your phone is at five percent. What do you do? Maybe you grab your Mophie and drain it until the juice is gone. Or better yet, you grab a hand cranked charger and generate battery power with your own two hands. Japanese design studio Nendo recently showed off a prototype of the Denqul, a hand-crank phone charger for Sugita Ace that powers up a phone, no electricity needed.

Nendo isn’t the first to design a hand-crank charger, but it may be the first to make it look good. The Denqul is a sleek tube with an extendable arm that pops out in an L-shape and spins around. Cranking the arm generates a magnetic field that’s able to charge the lithium ion battery inside tube. Plug a USB or micro USB into the Denqul, and you’ve got an instant charge.

Hand spinning arm of tube Nendo

Realistically, Nendo’s design isn’t any more effective than other hand-cranks on the market, but it does accomplish something that most other emergency hand-crank chargers don’t: It’s small and handsome enough that you won’t need to hide it away in a drawer to be forgotten.

Via: Fast Company