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Ori’s new robotic furniture includes a bed that drops from the ceiling

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Say goodbye to your Murphy Bed

Bed in studio apartment
Ori Cloud Bed.
Photos courtesy Ori

Earlier this year, the MIT offshoot Ori launched an all-in-one robotic furniture system that made tiny apartments feel a little less tiny. If you thought moving walls and sliding beds were impressive, just take a moment and watch this video:

Pretty cool, right?

The company is growing its line of smart, transforming furniture to include the Pocket Closet, an expandable storage unit that slides open to create a walk-in closet; and the Cloud Bed, a modern-day Murphy bed-like arrangement where the bed drops from the ceiling.

Shelf with TV
Ori Pocket Closet.
Closet with hanging shirts

Like Ori’s original Studio Suite, the Cloud Bed and Pocket closet run on tracks and are controlled through buttons, apps, and voice commands. Unlike the Studio, Ori’s newest offerings are smaller and far more focused in what they can accomplish—a smart move for attracting robot-shy apartment dwellers.

The Cloud Bed is built into an attractive living room set-up with a small sofa and wood paneled walls. When the bed drops, it lowers onto the sofa seat, turning the back cushion into a headboard. Similarly, the Pocket Closet aims to pull double duty, functioning as a shelving unit from the outside, and expanding to reveal ample closet space on the inside.

The Pocket Closet is available now while the Cloud Bed will launch in 2019. But we’re already taking bets on what’s next—a magically expanding kitchen, anyone?