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Floyd opens shoppable ‘housewarming’ to launch new sofa

Try before you buy

Blue sofa in showroom Floyd

Detroit-based furniture brand Floyd is a company that’s very much of its time. Like so many of its direct-to-consumer counterparts, Floyd launched its first product—a bed frame—online and used the powers of millennial marketing (and same-day delivery) to expand into a table, sofa, and soon enough, a shelf as well.

Gray loveseat Floyd

Now, the company is going old school. Floyd recently opened a one-month pop-up store in New York City, timed to the launch of its first sofa. The shop is part installation (inside a real apartment home in SoHo), part shoppable experience, part gathering place for workshops and panel discussions (including one on November 8 featuring Curbed editor-in-chief Kelsey Keith.) Sketches of early prototypes and material experiments will live alongside Floyd wares in-situ. The goal is to give people the chance to touch before they buy (on site, if they’d like).

Kitchen table with pendant lights above Floyd

It’s a smart move, especially with a couch in the mix. A bed frame is really just a bed frame, but when it comes to providing some cushion for your tush, there’s no substitute for plopping down and seeing how it feels.