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‘Co-living’ in an abandoned mall? This startup is making it happen

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Childhood dream come true—or a nightmare?

Empty mall with pop-up rooms Vivahouse via Dezeen

In the race to capture the booming millennial nomad market, we’ve seen all sorts of novel housing ideas, from prefabricated pay-as-you-go units that plop down in cities to high-design social clubs that function like long-stay hotels.

Now British co-living platform Vivahouse is angling for a piece of the action with its prefabricated units that can be built inside languishing offices, shopping centers, and other commercial spaces. Started by one of WeWork’s early employees, the company says its mission is to create affordable housing stock by building modular prefab rooms that can be rapidly installed inside another building.

In theory it’s a great idea: Help landlords who are losing money on empty buildings and provide short and longer term housing stock for freelancers and travelers looking for an affordable but stylish place to stay. In practice, living inside an abandoned mall sounds a bit like the start of a Lifetime horror movie.

Compact room with gray walls Vivahouse via Dezeen

Vivahouse recently installed a pop-up inside London’s emptying Whiteleys shopping center, and we have to admit, the rooms look compact but thoughtfully designed. All residents share amenities like the kitchen and bathroom, which the company hopes will promote a community vibe.

At approximately $770 a month and $75 per night, the rooms are significantly cheaper than renting a proper hotel room. Plus, it could come with the added bonus of waking to the view of a defunct Auntie Anne’s outside your window.

Via: Dezeen