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Camper van with removable components can sleep a family

A new crowdfunding campaign lets you invest in the company

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There is a grey camper van with an expandable roof in a hillside.
California-based ModVans builds a camper with seating for five and removable RV components.
All photos courtesy of ModVans

For many people aspiring to own a camper van, one of the greatest challenges is how the van can function as both a daily driver and a weekend getaway. It can be financially impractical to own a second or third vehicle, and the brilliance of a Class B van is that there’s the possibility that it can perform double duty. Love campers and trailers? Come join our new community group.

In reality, however, it’s hard to find a modular van that can sleep a family on vacation and still safely haul everyone to soccer practice during the week. California-based ModVans offers an innovative solution to this problem. We covered ModVans in the past when its signature camper van was in the design stage, and now the company has debuted a production model—called the CV1—that looks to capitalize on its initial success.

The big difference between ModVans and its competitors is that in order to fund its expansion, ModVans is selling stock via a regulation crowdfunding campaign. It’s a bit like a Kickstarter campaign, but instead of buying a product, investors purchase stock—or equity—in the company during an online public offering.

The minimum investment is $101.15, and your money goes toward helping ModVans expand production. Currently, the company has accrued approximately $2.4 million in sales and is producing two to four units per month. If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, ModVans hopes that by September 2019 they will be at approximately 10 units per month.

It’s an innovative way to raise money in a booming industry, and the first camper-focused regulation crowdfunding campaign we’ve heard of. Even if an investor doesn’t own a ModVans camper van, they become a stakeholder in the company’s future success.

Set up in “camp mode,” the second row of seats functions as a extra seating.
Courtesy of ModVans

What makes the ModVans camper unique? The CV1 functions as a camper van, passenger vehicle, and work truck in one. Removable, modular components let you change the layout with ease, and the CV1 uses the low-roof, medium-length Ford Transit chassis as its base.

When commuting, the CV1 includes a second row of seats—two captain’s chairs and a middle seat—to travel five with seat belts. In camp mode the seats are installed against the driver’s wall to maximize space; in transport mode they face forward for increased comfort.

Using automotive seats for safety does mean that the rear row can’t fold out into a bed. The CV1 still sleeps a family, however, thanks to a removable downstairs bed installed over the storage cabinets and an upper bed located in the pop-up top.

A compact kitchen area is stored in lightweight, removable cabinets that are bolted to the chassis with removable fasteners. Components include a two-burner propane stove, a deep undermount sink, and a high-efficiency refrigerator. If you’re camping for extended periods, the kitchen cabinet can be detached and used as an outdoor kitchen.

The van is powered by a battery system that features a 2,000-watt inverter and optional solar panels. Other amenities include a touchscreen stereo, GPS, rooftop air conditioning, propane heating system, and LED lighting. Beyond the standard features, ModVans also works with clients on upgrades like four-wheel drive, a 4G LTE cell booster, an outdoor shower, and a third row of seats.

Finally, for everyone wondering about toilet options—we know how camper enthusiasts feel about bathrooms—you’re in luck. A rear toilet closet includes a portable toilet and a privacy curtain that can be removed by sliding the toilet off of its mountain plate.

Between its innovative designs and bold crowdfunding campaign, ModVans is a company to watch. The CV1 has an MSRP of $85,000, and for a limited time ModVans is offering an introductory price of $75,000.

Overall, the ModVans CV1 is like a Swiss Army knife of camper vans, working overtime to fulfill the needs of a camping-focused family on the go. Head here for more info on investing or this way for a full list of features.

A compact kitchen area features all the basics. The cabinet can be removed with ease.
Courtesy of ModVans
Two sleeping areas—one up top and one down below—make it possible for a family to camp together.
Courtesy of ModVans
The upper pop-top bed area includes lots of windows for an airy feel.
Courtesy of ModVans
A rear view of the CV1 in camper mode.
Courtesy of ModVans
The privacy toilet closet is practical and compact.
Courtesy of ModVans
Unlike some pop-top campers, the CV1 can hold roof racks.
Courtesy of ModVans
The CV1 airing out on a sunny day.
Courtesy of ModVans