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Biomega unveils a radically simple electric vehicle

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Quietly coming to a road near you

Rendering of electric vehicle Biomega

Biomega is a Danish company known for its fancy bikes and electric bikes, designed by the likes of Bjarke Ingels and Marc Newson. Now it’s getting into the electric car game with SIN, a compact EV designed for city dwellers.

Rendering of car with transparent door Biomega

The SIN is a whisper of a car. The four-passenger vehicle has a skeletal black frame made from carbon fiber and perforated mesh seats. A piece of glass runs from its snub nose up around the top of the car, putting the concept of a moon roof to shame. The doors are transparent, which is meant to give drivers an unobstructed view of the road.

Mesh car seats Biomega

The design, as a whole, is deliberately and exceedingly simple. Even the steering wheel has been reduced to its most minimal form. All told, the vehicle weighs just over 2,000 pounds.

Rendering of electric vehicle Biomega

The SIN’s lightweight construction, along with two engines and a modular battery housed in the floor, gives the car an estimated range of around 100 miles on a single charge. Not exactly road-trip mileage, but good enough to get you to the grocery store and back.

The car is expected to go into production in 2021 and will cost around $23,000.

Via: Dezeen