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Super modern ski chalet is a wintertime dream

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Redefining cozy

Gray house surrounded by woods Photo by Charles Lanteigne via Dezeen

A ski chalet comes with certain associations. Adjectives like snug, cozy, fire-lit all spring to mind. And then there’s this chalet.

Gray house with trees surrounding it Photo by Charles Lanteigne via Dezeen

At 5,200 square feet, this ultra-modern ski home outside of Quebec City isn’t small, but it’s got its own breed of coziness, including a very stylish wood burning fireplace.

Living room with wood burning fireplace Photo by Charles Lanteigne via Dezeen

Designed by Montreal studio Thellend Fortin Architects, the Long Horizontals house is conceived as a series of boxy volumes that form grayscale Tetris blocks made of glass and anthracite gray wood.

White and pale wood kitchen Photo by Charles Lanteigne via Dezeen

The home’s monochromatic palette is intended to contrast against the green trees and white snow that surround it. Inside, it’s more of the same. Gray concrete floors meet white walls and light wood detailing.

Dining room with floor to ceiling windows Photo by Charles Lanteigne via Dezeen

Though the house is filled with stylish charm including a large, open kitchen and multiple terraces, the centerpiece of the sprawling home is the dining room, where a glassy cantilevered box juts out over the slope, giving visitors an impressive backdrop during their meal.

Via: Dezeen