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Send a Brutalist holiday card to the concrete lover in your life

Warm and fuzzy

Set of holiday cards In From the Storm

Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like a towering block of concrete—right? To celebrate the festive season, U.K.-based creative agency In From the Storm is selling a series of greeting cards that feature famed Brutalist buildings in London.

Featuring photography by Nick Miners and artwork by Emma Ayres for the boutique Dollydagger, the cards showcase buildings like the Glenkerry House, Erno Goldfinger’s Brutalist housing block, set against cheery colors and wintery landscapes. The cards also highlight the latticed facade of the Wellbeck Street car park, and the stacked form of the Barbican.

Like other artistic odes to Brutalism, the delightfully playful cards create a clever contrast with the seriousness of the buildings. We suggest you pair them with a Brutalist gnome and perhaps a Brutalist soap to really commit to the theme.

You can pick up a pack of cards for the Brutalism lover in your life here.

Via: Wowhaus