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Feast on this highly photogenic concrete restaurant

Concrete? Check. Terrazzo floors? Check.

Concrete building with man walking by Photo by Studio Cadena

Dining out today is as much about the architecture as it is about the food. In a world full of Instagrammable dinner spots, what’s a restauranteur got to do to get noticed? We suggest taking notes on Masa, a lovely new restaurant in Bogotá, designed by New York City firm Studio Cadena.

Waitress next to curved concrete bar Photo by Ambiente Familiar

Masa resides in a former house that’s undergone multiple retail to residential transformations. The latest is a 7,500-square-foot restaurant that’s a case study on photogenic design.

Restaurant with terrazzo floors Photo by Ambiente Familiar

With concrete walls, hand-cast terrazzo floors, and geometric windows, the restaurant ticks the boxes on 2018 trends, yet it retains a classic, grounded vibe thanks to its simple shape and simple materials. The curved bar is built from concrete, and sturdy wood platforms give bakery visitors a place to lounge.

Restaurant with concrete walls and terrazzo floors Photo by Ambiente Familiar

Despite all the concrete, the restaurant has a playful vibe thanks to the big glowing orbs of light that hang from the ceiling, and the shapely cut-out windows that give passersby a peek of what they’re missing out on.

Man reading at table Photo by Ambiente Familiar
Man sitting on terrace next to circular window Photo by Ambiente Familiar