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Couple renovates old Airstream into a bohemian dream

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Living room with couch and bookshelves Augustine the Airstream

When Nate and Taylor Lavender bought their ’90s-era Airstream camper, it was a mess of cheap wood laminate, outdated fabrics, and torn up floors. After spending the better part of a year renovating the camper, the couple turned it into an airy, bohemian home on wheels. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

The Airstream—which is named Augustine and has its own website—is the very definition of #camperlife. Nate and Taylor painted the walls bright white to open up the space and hung woven wall tapestries to channel the “free spirit” vibe requisite of the camper lifestyle.

Kitchen with sit in dining room Augustine the Airstream
Dining room with pendant lamp hanging Augustine the Airstream

There’s a cozy living room that’s outfitted with an indigo couch, leather poof, and built-in storage shelves. The kitchen is small but efficient, with a reclaimed wood table, custom cabinets, and seating that’s big enough for two. The snug bedroom also has built-in bookshelves and reclaimed wood walls that lend some warmth to the all-white space.

Bedroom with reclaimed wood wall Augustine the Airstream

The couple did all of the renovations themselves, aside from installing an air conditioning unit. Have questions about your own Airstream renovation? The Lavenders have plenty of advice to give—not to mention priceless “before” photos.