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Clever two-story tiny house has an extendable roof

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Nobody’s stooping around here

Tiny Houses NYC

People like to say constraints lead to creativity, and in the case of tiny homes, they’re absolutely correct. Exhibit A: this clever double-story house from Tiny Houses NYC.

Like other crafty tiny homes, the Devasa makes tiny living feel a little less tiny thanks to a mechanical system that expands its usable space. The 300-square-foot timber abode on wheels has a roof that expands from a road-legal 12.5 feet to a luxurious 17.5 feet when raised.

The house itself is fairly standard, with a snug layout that includes an all-timber living room and a compact kitchen. A set of stairs leads to two bedrooms, which transform into spacious living quarters once the roof is raised an additional five feet.

Tiny Houses NYC
Second story of wooden tiny home Tiny Houses NYC

You’d never call the Devasa spacious, but being able to stand up straight in your bedroom sure does go a long way for comfort.

Via: New Atlas