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Grand home built in scenic Charleston harbor asks $7.9M

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The views are as good as you’d imagine

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Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Price: $7,950,000

There are plenty of gorgeous homes on the coast, from cozy beachside cottages to stunning mansions on a cliff. But it’s rare to find a house that sits on the water, surrounded on all sides by the sound of waves and pristine views.

That’s the case for this five-bedroom, seven-bath property in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Originally a degaussing station for the navy, the house was renovated in 2010 and contains an over-the-water main house and a landlocked guest house. The residence sits on concrete pilings and offers views of Charleston Harbor, Fort Sumter, USS Yorktown, Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and the historic Charleston peninsula.

Inside, the 4,689-square-foot house boasts a formal entryway and grand, stately dining rooms and living rooms. A two-bedroom guest house above the three-car garage is another 1,234 square feet and features antique chestnut floors throughout.

Other perks include a 240-foot private dock and loads of sustainability—including a LEED Gold designation. The house was the first project in the Charleston historic district to use solar roof panels and double-sided solar panels are also integrated into the railing to take advantage of the reflective light from the water below.

If eco-friendly design and an over-the-water location makes you swoon, 2 Concord Street is on the market now for $7,950,000.