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Sliding walls open this modern house to the outdoors

Now you’re inside—now you’re not

Living room with floating staircase Photo via Dezeen

Flavio Castro sees your windows and does you one better. The Brazilian architect and founder of FCstudio designed himself a one-bedroom house in São Paulo where nearly all of the walls open to the outside.

The aptly named Box House is a house that’s shaped like a box (duh). But what the simply shaped home lacks in geometric grandeur it makes up for in indoor-outdoor magic.

House with sliding walls at night Photo via Dezeen

Castro designed the walls of his house to slide open on tracks. On the ground floor, the living room flows into the courtyard, where there’s a concrete patio, lush garden, and small pool. A precarious-looking floating staircase leads upstairs to the bedroom and another small hang out area whose open walls look out over the garden.

Living room with open walls Photo via Dezeen
Backyard patio with pond Photo via Dezeen

When the operable walls are open, the house is full of sunlight. When they’re closed, the sun is totally blocked on the upper level. Think of them as blackout curtains, only, you know, part of the home’s bones.

Via: Dezeen