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Ultra-stylish tiny house comes with fold-down deck

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Dang, that’s a good looking RV

slanted roof black tiny house Jeremy Gudac courtesy Land Ark RV

If this tiny house looks vaguely familiar to you, there’s a reason. The Draper is the second offering from Land Ark RV, the company now making some of the most stylish roving houses out there.

Land Ark’s newest home on wheels shares plenty of DNA with its sister RV, the Drake. Both are sleekly clad in black and have a contrasting light pine interior that seems to be the company’s calling card. If you look closely, though, there are subtle but important differences between the two tiny homes.

Jeremy Gudac courtesy Land Ark RV

At 300 square feet, the Draper is a touch smaller than the Drake. Instead of sleeping six, the design features a single loft for two, plus a convertible sofa U-shaped sofa that transforms into a queen size bed in a pinch.

Jeremy Gudac courtesy Land Ark RV

What it loses in interior space, it makes up for in curb appeal. The Draper’s frame slants at a slightly sharper angle, which gives it a striking shape. A 7-foot by 14-foot wooden fold-down deck is attached to the facade and can be lowered with a winch in just a couple of minutes.

Jeremy Gudac courtesy Land Ark RV

Like the Drake, the Draper doesn’t skimp on the details. The bathrooms features a full shower, the kitchen has stainless steel appliances, there are shelves built in throughout, and the mud room comes with a washer/dryer unit that makes being on the road a lot less stressful.

Jeremy Gudac courtesy Land Ark RV

The Draper starts at $144,900, and you can check out more photos here.

Jeremy Gudac courtesy Land Ark RV