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You can buy this tiny treehouse shaped like a pinecone

Dozens of windows offer forest views

Photo by Alissa Kolom

Treehouse architecture is both fascinating and whimsical, a harkening to the joys and nostalgia of childhood. Modern treehouses, however, go way beyond a rickety retreat build with a few two-by-fours from the store. We’ve covered ski-in/ski-out treehouses in Montana, angular versions for sale in California, and a stunning contemporary treehouse in New York.

None of them, however, quite compare to the latest treehouse to catch our eye: the Pinecone Treehouse. Designed by O2 Treehouse, a company known for their architecturally unique structures, the Pinecone was built to immerse its occupants in the beauty of the natural world.

Photo by Garna Raditya

Blending a classic pinecone shape with the geometric elements of a geodesic dome, the result is a 5.5-ton steel and California Redwood house that glimmers both inside and out. The structure currently sits in Oakland, California, and hangs above a hand-crafted off-the-grid bathroom with a wooden catwalk. You access the pinecone via a steep wooden ladder and a trap door that unfolds at the top.

Once inside, the petal-like windows offer views into the surrounding canopy and the floors feature see-through panels to make you feel like you’re floating almost 60 feet above the ground.

It’s a marvelous take on what a treehouse can be, and after renting the structure on Airbnb, O2 Treehouse is now selling the Pinecone. The sale includes the pinecone structure, the bathroom, and the catwalk. The O2 Treehouse team was unsure of exactly how much the Pinecone will cost, in large part because the price will depend on installation fees at a new location. They did, however, say that it would be priced at a minimum of $150,000.

That’s a lot of money for a treehouse, to be sure, but who can put a price on serenity? The Pinecone Treehouse looks to be an ideal meditation or yoga retreat in the sky. Head over here, for more.

Photo by Garna Raditya
Photo by Garna Raditya
Photo by Garna Raditya