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New 3D printer takes the mess out of ceramics

Nobody has to know a robot made it

3D printer with white ceramics Cerambot

The great promise of technology is that it will make our lives easier. And when it comes to making ceramic home goods, that’s proving to be absolutely true.

A new 3D printer called Cerambot aims to help the artistically-challenged among us make detailed ceramic designs, no pottery wheel or apron necessary. The project, just launched on Kickstarter, is a small desktop 3D printer that connects to 3D graphics software, allowing people to craft refined objects like vases, light fixtures, and detailed buddha heads.

Flower in ceramic vase Cerambot

The company sells entire 3D printers (starting at $199) or extrusion kits (starting at $39) that allows the nozzle to be attached to an existing 3D printer. The whole process appears to be fairly straightforward—you just create a design digitally, fill the printer cartridge with clay, and watch as semi-wet clay extrudes from the nozzle, layer by layer.

The soft clay then has to be fired, which might require a trip to your local kiln. But it still makes the whole process faster, easier, and a heckuva lot less messy.

3D printer making a vase Cerambot

Via: Design Milk