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This Brutalist masterpiece is now a gorgeous coworking space

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Desk near oval window Photo by Jeroen Verrecht via The Spaces

When Belgian architect Constantin Brodzki designed the headquarters for the CBR concrete company in 1967, he couldn’t have fathomed its ultimate fate. The Brutalist Brussels icon, known for its grid of reflective oval windows, recently reopened as a seven-floor coworking space from Fosbury & Sons called Office Boitsfort.

Unlike so many modern coworking spaces that fill nondescript real estate, Boitsfort had some exceptional raw material to work with. Brodzki’s design is a highlight of modernist architecture. It was built from 756 prefabricated convex oval concrete modules, which give the building its perfectly gridded facade.

Woman working on sofa Photo by Jeroen Verrecht via The Spaces

Fosbury & Sons’s founders, Stijn Geeraets and Maarten Van Gool, decided to restore the building rather than full-on renovate. According to Wallpaper, many of the original details, like door handles, radiator caps, built-in furniture units, and window casings, will be preserved and restored.

Rows of desks Photo by Jeroen Verrecht via The Spaces

That’s not to say the space is a time capsule. Geeraets and Van Gool hired the interior design firm Going East to split the 75,000-square-foot building into offices and communal hangout areas, which are outfitted with streamlined, neutral palette furniture and local art.

Rows of table and chairs Photo by Jeroen Verrecht via The Spaces

Though Brodzki, who is now 93, perhaps would have loved to see his modernist masterpiece live on in its original form, there’s something very cool about letting a new generation of people enjoy its beauty.

Facade of modernist building Photo by Jeroen Verrecht via The Spaces

Via: The Spaces, Wallpaper