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Minimalist shipping container hotel can travel around the world

Lodging that goes with you

Wood shipping containers in snowy landscape AccorHotels

The premise of a hotel is simple: Build a beautiful building in a sought-after location, and visitors will come. The French hotel group AccorHotels is upending that concept with the Flying Nest, a humble but stylish traveling hotel built from shipping containers.

Designed by Ora-ïto, the modules are crafted from eco-friendly wood and outfitted with clean, simple interiors. They look like any other contemporary minimalist hotel with a penchant for neutral colors and natural materials, only smaller.

Bed looking with window view of snowy mountain AccorHotels

Each container measures 130 square feet and has a bathroom, living area, and a white linen bed tucked into a nook by a picture window. The containers stack on top of each other and are connected by terraces, which are meant to give visitors an “immersive” experience that encourages intermingling with other visitors.

Shipping container hotel with wooden cladding AccorHotels

The main difference between the Flying Nest and any other hotel is its mobility. The hotel will plop down at France’s Avoriaz ski resort this winter, but in theory, the nomadic shipping containers can travel from location to location, especially targeting large events and festivals where there will be a surge in demand for accommodation.

Via: The Spaces