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Cozy Copenhagen loft from Vipp is available to book

With a kitchen you can buy

Loft with open kitchen Vipp

A cozy loft is a bit of an oxymoron. Lofts are open, airy, and spacious by their very nature, but this bookable two-bedroom apartment in Copenhagen manages to bring the two concepts together with ample style.

Designed by David Thulstrup, the 4,300-square-foot loft sits above the offices of Danish design company Vipp and is part of Vipp Hotel, a growing series of one-of-a-kind spaces available for short-term stays. Unsurprisingly, it’s expertly decorated—and includes a full Vipp kitchen that you can test drive.

Bed in cozy alcove Vipp
Bed with neutral blanket Vipp

Signature Scandinavian features like light wood floors, white walls, and tastefully rustic touches including pine wood beams and trusses contrast with deep-hued modern furniture from the brand. A spiraling metal staircase leads to two bedrooms, which are tucked into snug alcoves.

Green couches in loft space Vipp

The house is custom built for lounging. Two fuzzy chairs face a fireplace, next to which there’s an overflowing (but artfully arranged) container of firewood. Two aquamarine sofas anchor the living space and provide a rich burst of color in the otherwise subdued loft.

Want to see more? You can always book the apartment, which goes for around $1,140 a night.

Via: The Spaces