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These hotel rooms look like trippy M.C. Escher drawings

A life-sized optical illusion

White floating staircases and green walls Chao Zhang via Designboom

M.C. Escher was a master of mind-boggling perspective. The Dutch artist, known for his isometric drawings and “impossible objects,” bent the boundary between two and three dimensions.

Despite their 3D appearance, Escher’s drawings exist steadfastly on the page. But a new hotel in Guilin, China, is bringing the artist’s vision to life with a pair of guesthouses dedicated to optical illusions.

Forest green hallway with white stairs Chao Zhang via Designboom

Studio 10 designed two rooms—”Maze” and “Dream”— for The Other Place hotel, and they’re a fantastical reimagining of Escher’s trippy work. Maze is a 650-square-foot suite painted forest green and white. The space is designed around a series of angular floating staircases that when viewed from straight-on look like 2-D drawings. “Dream” is designed in a similar style, only with a soft pink and white palette.

Room with pink stairs and black doors Chao Zhang via Designboom

Both guesthouses feature a Monument Valley-esque series of doors and shuttered windows that look like they might open onto an endless maze of rooms. In truth, both suites have only two bedrooms, but that probably won’t stop guests from getting lost.

Room with green walls and a series of white stairs Chao Zhang via Designboom
Room with pink floor and backlit bed Chao Zhang via Designboom

Via: Designboom