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You can now buy iconic Bauhaus buildings in miniature

Put a Bauhaus gem on your shelf—for $270 a pop

Miniature Bauhaus buildings Chisel & Mouse

For most people, visiting the Bauhaus’ most famous buildings in Germany is a pilgrimage that requires significant travel time. But for those with neither the time or inclination, you can now get your Bauhaus architecture fix in the form of these miniature replicas.

Miniature plaster buidling
Fagus Factory by Walter Gropius.
Chisel & Mouse

Chisel & Mouse, the British company known for its exacting small scale building replicas, released a new line of sculptures to celebrate Bauhaus’ 100th anniversary. The series is like a mini architectural tour of the most famous structures associated the design school, including Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus Dessau and Fagus Factor, Adolf Loos’s Moller House, and Peter Behrens’ AEG Turbine Factory and Behrens House.

Mini Dessau building
Bauhaus Dessau by Walter Gropius.
Chisel & Mouse

The designers craft the buildings out of molded plaster and metal etching. Though they’re small—anywhere from 5 to 11 inches tall, 2.5 inches deep, and approximately 5.5. pounds—no detail goes unnoticed, including the Dessau’s signature sans-serif signage and the Fagus Factory’s windows and interior stairs.

Miniature Moller House
Moller House by Adolf Loos.
Chisel & Mouse

Keeping the Dessau on your bookshelf doesn’t come cheap—the buildings cost $270 each—but it’s a respectable alternative to buying a plane ticket.

Via: Wowhaus