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Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired ‘parallelogram’ house asks $560K

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Time capsule kitchen included

Photos by Suzi Carpenter

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Location: Caldwell, Idaho

Price: $560,000

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s parallelogram plans, this four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home about 30 minutes west of Boise is an eclectic example of 1958 style. Instead of the standard 90-degree angles found in many houses, the building uses the parallelogram shape and features a single right angle in its design.

Aerial photo by William H. Andrew, II

While Wright used intersecting parallelograms to make modestly-sized homes like the 1,900-square-foot Kraus House seem more spacious, this property takes the same idea and applies it to a sprawling 4,932 square feet. The house boasts heated slate flooring, interior-exterior brick, and a time-capsule kitchen with built-in refrigerator. Large floor-to-ceiling windows provide views out onto the four-acre lot, and skylights make the home feel spacious and airy.

A plethora of built-in natural wood shelving helps with storage, and a built-in banquette-style living room is reminiscent of the conversation pits of the era. Another unique touch include a 16mm vintage video jukebox installed directly into the wall in the lower living room, and the parallelogram theme continues even in the bathrooms with no right angles and parallelogram-shaped tiles.

621 Sunrise Lane also includes a carriage house and greenhouse on the property, all listed for $560,000. See the photos below and head over here for a video tour of the property from This Funky House.