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At last, a furniture collection designed to mimic working from bed

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WFH, but better

Woman laying on stomach with laptop Photo via Dezeen

Working from home—or more specifically, working from home in bed—is a double-edged sword. On one hand you get to work from your bed all day; on the other, you work from bed all day. While cozying up on a plush mattress with a laptop and phone in hand feels like the apex of work-life balance, it’s not so great for the body.

Modular furniture with colorful cushions Photo via Dezeen

That’s why Geoffrey Pascal, a recent graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, came up with a very clever solution for the laziest among us. Grafeiophobia is a line of furniture made from bed foam and metal frames that’s designed to mimic the positions of working from bed—only, you know, minus the bed.

Woman laying on side with notebook Photo via Dezeen

Pascal designed three main pieces for Grafeiophobia, and they all look like the love child of Hay and your local ergonomic expert. There’s the Basic Besk, a three-module chair consisting of a back rest, seat, and foot rest, that’s meant to mimic the position of sitting up in bed with a laptop. The Triclinium Gum, a slanted cushion with an affixed table that’s for laying on your side but looks like it should be used for sit ups. And the Flying Man, a three-piece set that’s designed for working while laying on your stomach.

Woman sitting on cushions Photo via Dezeen

Are they any better than just laying in your bed, propped up by a pillow? Who really knows. But Pascal says he designed them according to NASA’s Neutral Body Position, which evenly distributes weight throughout the body, so we’ll go ahead and take that as permission to continue working while prone.

Via: Dezeen