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96-square-foot pavilion is the ultimate rustic studio

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And it’s now for sale

Wooden hut with open doors Adam Schnack via The Spaces

Not quite a house, not quite a hut, this pavilion designed by Anders Hermansen defies easy definition. The Danish designer built the tiny dwelling ten years ago as a roaming art piece that could be installed in different locations. Now, the design is on the market for approximately $38,000.

Wooden hut in a field Adam Schnack via The Spaces

At 96 square feet, the one-room hut is rather cozy and what it lacks in size, it makes up for in rustic charm. The frame is built from aged wood that looks like it could’ve been ripped from an old ship and rehabilitated to its perfectly shabby-chic condition. In fact, the wooden beds the hut sits on top of were actually taken from reclaimed construction from Copenhagen’s South Harbor.

Interior of wooden hut Adam Schnack via The Spaces

Hermansen designed the hut to take advantage of the outdoors. Two of the hut’s walls are built from doors that swing open to the outside. Another wall is a full pane of glass, which turns out to be a fine substitute for fresh air on rainy days.

Via: The Spaces