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How to decorate your RV for the holidays

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From wreaths to festive lights

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Everyone is familiar with the standard holiday home decorations, from twinkling lights to menorahs and Christmas trees. But what if you’re living on the road, either in a van, an Airstream, or any other type of RV? Can you still make the holidays feel festive in less than 200 square feet? Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

We believe the answer is yes. You might need to opt for a smaller tree and be thoughtful of securing certain decorations, but it’s possible to embrace the holiday cheer even in a home-on-the-go. We’ve turned to Instagram to round up our favorite camper-oriented holiday inspiration, with an eye for unique and innovative ideas. Here are the best ideas for decorating your camper for the holidays.

Let’s start with the most basic: A picture-perfect wreath on the front of your camper.

Or you can go more colorful with battery powered lights on the wreath.

A bow looks mighty cute, too.

Vintage campers look particularly cute decorated for the holidays.

This one looks mighty fine, too.

Even if you don’t have a ton of space, a tiny tree makes your RV feel cozy.

Put it on top of something to make it feel a bit larger.

Hang a wreath on one of your windows for an easy dose of holiday cheer.

Lights or greenery around the windows can also provide a pop of joy.

Larger Class A RVs actually have a lot of interior space to hang things.

Small touches like festive dish towels make a big impact in a compact space.

If you’re staying in one place, you could also put a small tree outside.

Don’t be afraid of a little color at Christmas, like this renovated Airstream.

And outdoor lights are always a hit.

They can be simple, like this.

Or over-the-top.

These campers wouldn’t be very practical to drive, but they do look amazing.